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We The Mighty In Prayer

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

WE THE MIGHTY IN PRAYER who have little influence or position in the natural to bring about favorable resolution, boldly approach the throne of God, where we do have power and influence, and ask that you Lord, intervene on behalf of the Faithful and all those that call themselves Patriots of this great nation.

We, who honor God and turn to Him for guidance and justice, cry out for those that have temporarily lost their voice, their hope or their will. Hear and answer our prayers today Lord; restore sanity, justice and moral courage to the people of this great nation to rise, unite and take steps to correct our course. ​ Help us to know Your will when it appears; to hear Your voice when it speaks. Bring forth, anointed men and women of character and faith. Provide us leaders who can stand and serve - leaders who are well able and equipped to accomplish the task. IN GOD WE TRUST and in you alone, is the power to create, restore, heal, and save. Restore this nation to rationale behavior and dialogue. Heal, strengthen and restore the broken, the weary, the disadvantaged and the disenchanted. WE THE PEOPLE ask all these things in the mighty NAME OF JESUS. [Like what your reading? There’s more where this came from – deeper studies of scriptural stories in my book, Legacies of Valor – Traits of Character: The Noble & The Notable. Support this blog ministry by ordering a copy of Legacies of Valor today] Friends, it’s great to get feedback and confirmation that I’m not just writing to a black hole – so please - before you leave – take a moment to “like” and “share” these posts with your social network. Together, we can encourage many – one post at a time.

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