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Time to Cowboy Up

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Everyone knows the story of David and his most famous line. “For WHO IS THE UNCIRCUMSIZED PHILISTINE – THAT HE SHOULD TAUGHT THE ARMIES OF THE LIVING GOD”! This kid had ATTITUDE with ALTITUDE. ​Prior to this noble day, David was nothing more than a shepherd boy on an errand for his dad, with a backpack full of cheese, who had obviously spent much time conversing with God. But on THIS DAY - everything he had learned and experienced, everything that defined who he was and what he believed in – was stirred into a HOLY BOLDNESS of COURAGE WITHOUT MEASURE - that when acted upon – PRODUCED GIANT-SLAYING RESULTS!

When I graduated from college in the Midwest, I had already accepted a job offer to be the Assistant Mall Manager and Director of Marketing for a large shopping center in sunny California. I had arrived! But after a year or so, I wanted more. I wanted to learn about this computer trend that was storming the nation, so I joined a firm that was in the business of selling and distributing computers worldwide. My boss, who was only older than me by a few months was an inspiring entrepreneur, well read, and had an endless supply of optimistic energy and zeal. Working with Frank was a turning point in my young career. Instead of focusing on how to fit in, I learned that we were born to stand out. He turned me on to a book that was written by Scott Alexander, a 23 year old Christian guy, entitled Rhinoceros Success: The Secret To Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity. Here’s an excerpt teaser of the book: “There is something dangerous about this book. Something big. Something full of power, energy and force of will. It could be about you. You could become three tons of thick-skinned, snorting hard-charging rhinoceros.” It’s a thin book but it is packed with ATTITUDE with ALTITUDE, and yes, I recommend it highly. Sometimes in life, we simply need to stop listening to the naysayers around us, the discouraging voices in our heads and decide that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to take the reins and own this horse. Sometimes you just have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired! Sooner or later, we have to take responsibility for the poor decisions we made - own them and determine that going forward – there is no room for stupid on the horse and leave that dirt-bag behind. I happen to believe it’s time for the body of Christ to “cowboy up” and pull-up our big boy pants and declare that we are the righteousness of Christ, that WE ARE “MORE THAN” CONQUERORS! Like David, it’s time we understand fully - WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST. It's time to start BELIEVING IT, ACTING ON IT and LIVING OUT what God has been saying about us the whole time. Listen. Christ has empowered us - CALLED US actually - to live a BOLD, CONFIDENT and OVERCOMING LIFE. We where not “set apart” to continually live under the weight and pressure of fear and depression. And we WERE NOT called to live a daily life of anxiety – BUT OF DESTINY! Because of Christ – fear, worry and uncertainty should be beneath our feet! We need to learn how to REBUKE the voices of darkness that come in the night to torment us! When storm clouds rise, we need to call up the promises of God and REMIND OURSELVES just WHO WE ARE IN Christ – that we are INDEED children of the most-high God. All voices to the contrary - are minions of the enemy…whose destiny, by the way, guarantees them - an eternal “swim pass” in the lake of fire! HAVE A NICE SUMMER! For way too long – our enemy has run roughshod over the body of Christ, and this once God-fearing and God-governed nation of ours. Today the very godly principles that established this nation – traits of character worthy of emulating are under siege. We simply can’t afford to become complacent, discouraged or dis-engaged. We need to – get ANGRY – YET SIN NOT! It’s time we RESOLVE TO MAKE A STAND – BOLD as a LION to encourage those around us who have lost their will and their way. And if I may be so BOLD - It’s time to fight for this nation we call home - and fight for the Christian values she was founded on! Now WE - the defenders of the FAITH – the moral BACKBONE of a nation - need to become all-trusting, all-in, and all-over those that are acting counter to Godly counsel – and FIND THE COURAGE TO SPEAK UP and AGAINST the forces of darkness, expose the corruption and call them to account. IF there ever was a time for the body of Christ to posses COURAGE WITHOUT MEASURE - IT IS NOW!

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