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Meet Erin Lee. Our first Honorary Lioness

Fighting for Parental Rights, Transparency & Preservation of Childhood Innocence in Education.

Mark and I first heard Erin Lee speak at a local event on Gender Ideology. We could not believe what we were hearing nor the slideshow shenanigans the school board and other third party "resources" were providing to help kids HIDE what the school and other "trust resources" were doing. So we interviewed her on our podcast, One Day Closer with Mark and Dave. You need to hear this interview (Episode 30 and Episode 31) entitled Exposing Gender Ideology in Schools.

Meet Erin Lee. She was bullied, lied to, vilified, name-called and threatened. Regardless of what they say, she knew that she understood her child better than a stranger pushing gender ideology. You need to hear her story.

Her daughters school district was secretly, PHYSICALLY transitioning her 13-year-old little girl without parental knowledge or consent. And then the district resorted to publicly gaslighting the parents for speaking up. PARENTS: WAKE UP! Pull your kids out of public school like Erin did - before this happens to you, too. All parents have a fundamental, constitutionally protected right to direct the education, upbringing & health care of their children. #parentalrights

Follow Erin and others @Erin4parents

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